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Purolite uses Zoho One to stay connected « Zoho Blog

Note: This story is part of #ZohoInfluence, a program focused on sharing experiences and advice from our customers, and is written by Amanda Dolan-Riddle of Purolite. Click here to see more from Zoho Influence. 

When it comes to dealing with the challenges presented by Covid-19, none are more apparent than those faced by essential services. Purolite supplies ion exchange resins to many industries including public drinking water supplies. This makes us an essential-to-life supplier and hence, we are fully operational during the pandemic.

As with many companies, Purolite is experiencing unique challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While our sales offices and administrations are all working remotely, our production staff are all reporting to work. We are focused on the safety of our employees and their families.

We’ve had to introduce new systems in order to adapt to this remote work. Issues like collecting employee information, expenses, and HR became much harder when administrators weren’t available on site. We’ve adapted to these new challenges by making the processes as easy to learn and automated as possible, reducing the time needed for training and the number of people required for an individual task.

In order to keep track of employee health, we’ve begun collecting employee temperatures. We are now using Zoho Forms as a way for employees to log their temperature each day when reporting to work. The form is easily deployed on mobile phones so that employees can record their temperature and we can be sure our employees are safe and well.

We’ve also implemented new procedures to ensure a clean and safe work environment for our production staff. The need to purchase supplies related to PPE and disinfection for Covid-19 required that we add new categories to our accounting ledgers. Zoho Expense made it easy to add the new accounts and categories so that our employees can be reimbursed for these important supplies.

May and June are a busy time for our HR department. Open enrollment for our healthcare benefits plans usually involve one-on-one meetings with employees and group sessions to help employees learn about the various plan options. This year we are using Zoho Meeting for our benefits webinars. Our HR team has also set up two computer stations, monitored by Zoho Assist so that they can offer live assistance to our employees who are signing up for plans. HR has also started using Zoho Bookings to allow employees to sign-up for remote HR discussions using Zoho Meeting. This offers our employees a way to communicate with HR in a private, secure setting remotely.

While our manufacturing teams are reporting to work, our sales teams are all working remotely. I have encouraged them to use time at home to focus on cleaning up CRM data, something I always like to prioritize.

Employees also need new ways to stay connected to each other and to continue learning. To help our employees stay in touch, our marketing team has used Zoho Campaigns to distribute a daily newsletter called The Exchange. Each day they include a different topic, sometimes business related or Covid-19 related as well as an employee spotlight segment. It has been lovely to learn new details and see how my fellow employees are managing all the changes and challenges of working from home. They often share fun details about their home life and even delicious recipes. We have also begun using Zoho Showtime to launch an educational series.

The most important thing in the transition to remote work was smoothing out any roadblocks in the software so employees could just focus on their work. This required automating and centralizing processes and making it as easy as possible for employees to stay connected and up to date. The ease of customization, integration and deployment of Zoho apps has made the transition to remote operation as seamless as possible. And while, like so many others, we look forward to the reopening and recovery from this pandemic, we’re happy to feel supported by our people and processes in the mean time.

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