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Remote sales: Hands-free selling at home with Zia Voice

It hasn’t been long since companies shifted to working remotely, and work-from-home has already become the new normal. For seasoned remote workers, getting things done at the comfort of their houses is second nature. But salespeople who are used to working at their desks—constantly glued to their phones, chairs, and notes—are finding it difficult to adapt to the new paradigm.

You can’t travel to meet colleagues and clients for the time being. This means no more table meetings, no after-work drinks, and no guest tours. Thankfully, remote tools have proven to be a viable workaround that allows us to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Tools for video conferencing, chat, email, and telephony help us stay connected to our customers and colleagues.

But there’s a downside—working from home blurs the line between work time and leisure time. You’re always around your family, Netflix is running on the other tab, there’s some cleaning left to be done, and your kid needs help with homework. It can almost feel like you’re working in perpetual overtime within your own home. This is where a virtual assistant can help. De-clutter your work from home lifestyle with Zia.

Zia Voice, the work-from-home assistant 

Zia is an AI-powered assistant built into Zoho CRM, designed to help salespeople work smarter and faster. Imagine Siri or Alexa, but uniquely built for salespeople. Zia is an intrinsic part of Zoho CRM, which allows her to monitor, analyze, and understand your sales data, processes, and activities. Zia can use these findings to automate routine tasks, predict deal outcomes, detect anomalies, recommend workflows, and more! 

For salespeople camped out in their houses right now, Zia’s conversational skills will be particularly valuable. Zia can talk and listen, follow commands, and answer questions. Zia’s voice assistance can help relieve some of the burdens of working from home and help you stay on top of your game. Here’s what Zia can do for you:

Find information faster with Zia 

The mark of a smart sales rep is always staying on top of the details. Looking up relevant information about the deal, the lead, the notes, and the minutes of your last call could take just a minute. But an awkward pause during a sales call could seriously slow down the tempo of the conversation.

Ask Zia! Just request what you’re looking for in simple English, and Zia can find it almost instantly. Zia can then display the answers on the screen or read them out for you. You can cut down on time spent looking for data, and focus on doing what Zia can’t do: connecting with clients and building relationships. With the amount of time you’re saving, you may even be able to start cooking dinner early!

Get things done with your voice

When you’re busy selling, you won’t have the time to add, edit, and save new information. Updating fields, adding call notes, creating follow up tasks, placing orders—these are all important tasks, but can often feel like they’re getting in the way of your real work of making sales.

Being talkative is a prerequisite for salespeople, and luckily, Zia is programmed to be a great listener. You could be in the living room watching a movie with the kids or in the kitchen baking a pie—pull your phone out and ask Zia to perform mundane tasks like creating charts, changing a deal status, or even placing calls.

Stay organized with your personal assistant 

Between client calls, grocery shopping, team conferencing, and washing the dishes, it’s easy to lose track of time. However, with a personal assistant like Zia, you’ll never have to worry about missing a thing. 

You can plan out your entire day with Zia. You can ask Zia to remind you to get things done, show you what’s on your schedule for the day, list your open activities, and take notes for later. You can even use these features to make plans around your work, too! Zia can remind you to follow up with a client and tell you when to take the cookies out of the oven.


Try Zia on your smartphone 

Wherever you go, Zia can come with you. While it may not be wise to leave the house, for the time being, having your business assistant available on iOS and Android makes it easier to get work done, regardless. Once the pandemic is behind us, having an assistant in your pocket will prove very useful. You don’t have to be glued to your work laptop to still be selling, thanks to Zia. 

Zia is more than just a conversational assistant. Here’s the full list of what Zia can do for your business. It’s high time that businesses leverage the power of artificial intelligence to sell smarter, and this lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to get started. Start talking to Zia now!

Note: This is the fourth post in a series of blogs focused on how Zoho CRM can help you sell remotely, from the comfort of your homes. You can find the entire blog collection here.

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