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Review of The Wall Street Journal about YubiKey

The Strongest Protection for Online Accounts: The little Key called YubiKey

Passwords aren’t enought to fend off hackers; these dongles are the best defense.

The Wall Street Journal has published a note mentioning how leading platforms and prividers, like Twitter and Apple, are migrating and recommending the use of security keys to protect personal accounts.

“Strong passwords are very important, but they’re not enough to protect you from cybercriminals.

Passwords can be leaked or guessed. The key to online security is protecting your account with a strong secondary measure, typically a single-use code. This is referred to as “two-factor authentication,” or 2FA, as the nerds know it. “

Nicole Nguyen, from The Wall Street Journal explains about all the different types of 2FA, such as getting those codes sent via text message or generated in an authenticator app. Having any kind of second factor is better than none at all, but physical security keys—little dongles that you plug into a USB port or tap on your phone during account logins—offer the highest level of protection.

See the complete article at the The Wall Street Journal website or download the publishing.


Into the article you can find and summary of the benefics by using security key, like YubiKey and a list of questions you can make about it like:

  • Whick security key should I use?
  • How do security keys works?
  • Why are they so secure?
  • What happens if you lose your key?
  • Where can you use a security key?
  • What comes after security keys?

See the full article at the The Wall Street Journal website or download the publishing.

The YubiKey

The YubiKey

The YubiKey is hardware authentication reimagined. Secure the identities of your employees and users, reduce support costs, and experience an unmatched user experience.

How YubiKey works

No more reaching for your phone to open an app, or memorizing and typing in a code – simply touch the YubiKey to verify and you’re in. Additionally, you don’t need to use the YubiKey every time. Once an app or service is verified, it can stay trusted. It’s that easy.

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