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See which apps are Google verified in the Admin console

Quick launch summary 

With this launch, we’ll show whether apps are Google verified in the Admin console on the app details page and the App Access Control summary page. We hope this visibility will make it easier to make informed decisions about access to G Suite data within your organization. 

Apps often require access to G Suite data to help your users get work done. Google works with app developers to make sure that third-party apps comply with Google privacy and security requirements. 

If apps meet certain verification requirements, they are considered “Google verified”. If they don’t complete the verification process, they are considered “unverified” and might be subject to restrictions. You can control which apps can access sensitive G Suite data via App access control, and choose to authorize unverified apps if you want. 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 


  • Available to all G Suite and Cloud Identity customers 



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