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Sophos Firewall Manager SFM 17.1 MR4 Released – Release Notes & News – XG Firewall

Hi XG Community!

We’ve released Sophos Firewall Manager SFM 17.1 MR4. Initially, the firmware will be available by manual download from the Licensing Portal. We will gradually release the firmware via auto-update to customers.

  • NCCC-6178 [SFM] Export>Device List is generating empty file in SFM 17.0
  • NCCC-7654 [SFM] Web Filter logs port detail mismatch in XG Firewall and SFM Events Viewer> device logs
  • NCCC-8698 [SFM] SFM not respecting time zone when scheduling firmware update
  • NCCC-9493 [SFM] XXE + SSRF via CSRF bypass in SFM
  • NCCC-9997 [SFM] SFM pre-auth XXE vulnerability
  • NCCC-9913 [SFM-SCFM] Template forward compatibility status is ‘Not applicable’ for older version of SF 17.5 after releasing SF 17.5 MR10

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