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Strategize your temp scheduling by creating bulk shifts

Essential industries keep the global economy going even through difficult times. Many companies from these industries, spanning from technology to retail, are hiring to meet the increased demand caused by the current COVID-19 crisis. They are in immediate need of short-term employees, and so it’s important that staffing agencies keep up.

Since the need for temporary workers is exponentially rising, staffing agencies now need to be even more strategic about organizing their temps and creating schedules. As promised, we’re here to help you to overcome the difficult maze of complex temp scheduling. We’ve improved our Roster View.

Create bulk shifts!

More than 160 employees at Berkshire Medical Center in New England were furloughed for quarantine after possible exposure to the Coronavirus from patients who have tested positive. In order to fill in those positions, a temporary agency was asked to quickly hire 54 nurses who specialize in medical/surgical practice, intensive care, and emergency services.

Temp scheduling serves as a key connection between the agent, temp, and client. There may be scenarios like the example above where you need to create shifts with specific requirements. As a temp staffing agent, you need to be quick and flexible to adjust to evolving business demands.

In today’s fast-paced world, you cannot always schedule, re-schedule, or delete shifts one by one. This is why Zoho Workerly now allows you to create bulk shifts instead.

Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Upon creating a new job in Zoho Workerly, you can choose the required number of temps from the matching temps list and create shifts in bulk.

  • Clicking on Publish & Notify will confirm the shifts and notify temps.

  • You can Edit or Delete these shifts any time.

  • While deleting, you can choose to delete only the selected shift or the repeated schedule as a whole.

Learn more about the feature here.

Having trouble? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any assistance. Zoho Workerly is dedicated to ensuring that you and your team feel supported and are equipped to adapt to the rapid changes you may be experiencing during this difficult period. We’re in this together.

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