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The importance of route optimization in field sales

This is a guest post by Badger Maps.

Field sales reps need to commute several miles each day to meet customers at their locations, and the number of customers they serve depends on how their routes are planned. Ineffective routes require unnecessary time and fuel expenses. Your reps will get tired from driving long, poorly planned routes, and clients will be forced to wait, making them more stressed and less likely to recommend your services to others.

Route planning and optimization can help you identify the fastest and most efficient routes, drastically reducing fuel costs and the time field sales reps spend behind the wheel.

The benefits of planning and optimizing routes:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Giving your customer an accurate ETA so that they can plan their schedule accordingly contributes to a good first impression.
  • Better field sales rep safety: Drivers will be taking optimal routes that consider factors such as weather conditions, road conditions, and traffic congestion.
  • Increased field sales rep productivity: Using the best route possible to reach a destination reduces travel time, allowing your reps to see more customers in a single day.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: Bring down fuel consumption, and reduce the wear and tear on your company vehicles, lowering maintenance costs.
More time = More selling

Use the Badger Maps and Zoho CRM integration to organize schedules and customer details for your sales reps, enabling them to focus better and close more deals. View data from popular navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps in Zoho CRM so you can optimize routes, plan schedules, and close deals quicker.

Whether you’re a manager in an office or a sales rep on the road, the Badger Maps – Zoho CRM integration can accelerate your sales process, increase productivity, and enable collaboration wherever you may be.

Sales reps: The mobility of your customer data is essential. As a field sales rep, you spend the majority of your time on the road, visiting prospects and customers. A lot of time can be wasted on creating schedules, planning routes, and managing data across multiple platforms.

Badger Maps makes it easy to visualize your customers and prospects on an interactive map, creating a schedule and an optimized route within minutes. The integration with your Zoho CRM account makes sure all the notes, appointments, and data you update will be synced together, so you can access it no matter where you are. You can also filter your customers by top opportunities and create the shortest routes to all of them.

Sales managers: As a manager, you can see real-time updates on customer data and the latest deals even when your field sales reps are not in the office. You can visualize your team’s performance, stacking sales reps based on how many check-ins they have made, sales they have closed, and the amount of revenue they have brought in.

Quickly build tomorrow’s perfect schedule and sales route in advance, and focus more on delivering great customer experience. Try the Badger Maps extension for Zoho CRM.

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