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Third-party integrations: simplify your work by connecting more apps to Zoho Projects

Most businesses run on a variety of applications and it’s essential for productivity and efficiency that such applications communicate with each other. If tools are rigid and fail to talk to each other, work can become quite cumbersome.

Last year, we asked our users what add-ons you’d like to see in the future for Zoho Projects. Many of you sent in your requests, and we heard you loud and clear! We’re pleased to announce the new third-party integrations we have coming up with in our first release:


SugarCRM is a customer relationship management tool designed to help teams handle their sales automation, marketing automation, and account management needs.

SugarCRM is also packed with a ton of customization features, making it a versatile tool. SugarCRM is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

Our integration with SugarCRM lets you access everything from one place. By associating projects in SugarCRM with Zoho Projects, you can map SugarCRM modules in Zoho Projects, create SugarCRM projects, and add tasks from Zoho Projects.


OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage tool which helps you store all your files in one place for easy access from wherever you are.

OneDrive for business not only houses all your important files but also helps you share and collaborate with your team. This tool comes with important security features such as personal vault, file restore, ransomware detection, and data recovery.

Our integration with OneDrive helps you manage your files effectively by linking documents from OneDrive to any project in Zoho Projects. It also lets you attach folders to specific projects securely and save time by allowing you to access all your documents on OneDrive directly from Projects.


Insightly is a cloud-based customer relationship management tool for small and mid-sized businesses.

With features including lead routing, workflow automation, email tracking, and comprehensive dashboards to track important metrics, Insightly lets you convert won opportunities to projects seamlessly, without losing any data.

Our integration with Insightly makes it easier for you to create tasks or change a task’s status in Insightly, view Insightly project details, and create a Contact, Opportunity, and Organization in Insightly directly from Zoho Projects.


In addition to the built-in Global Timer on Zoho Projects, now we have an extension for Toggl, a simple time tracking application with powerful reporting capabilities, built to help you track time and analyze productivity.

With features such as autotracking, tracking reminders, and idle detection, Toggl helps you see where you spend your time across different platforms and use that data to optimize your workflows.

Our integration with Toggl allows you to create projects in Toggl directly from Zoho Projects and also view details about Toggle tasks, such as to whom a task has been assigned.

Additionally, Toggl’s project management dashboard helps you track exactly how long each project and its tasks take to complete. It also calculates the estimated time of completion for ongoing projects and tasks.


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