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Tips to improve remote communication and collaboration

Remote Communication and collaboration

With remote working conditions, your employees may find it difficult to interact and communicate with their colleagues. If this goes unchecked by your organization, they may develop a sense of loneliness and isolation, which in turn may lead to loss of employee morale and engagement.

Remote Communication and collaboration

To combat this, organize frequent virtual meetings and conversations between your employees. Need a starting point? Here are some ways to improve remote communication and collaboration in your organization:

  • Run virtual meetings regularly to help employees work as a team and generate new ideas. Choose the right meeting tool, allot time for casual chitchat.

  • Make your employees aware of all the communication channels available to them.

  • Educate your managers on how to improve communication among their team members.

  • Encourage a 360-degree feedback system that supports employee recognition and helps employees understand their performance from different perspectives.

  • Use virtual idea boards to keep all your employees on the same page.

  • Conduct fun virtual activities that can help your employees relax.

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