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Unveiling the all-new Zoho Mail Admin Console

We have an exciting announcement in store for you: we proudly present an early access of the revamped Zoho Mail Admin Console. This faster, cleaner, and much more intuitive update, packed with loads of new features and enhancements, is sure to make your email admin’s life much easier.

New Zoho Mail Admin Console

 Why a revamped Admin Console?

 We know managing an entire organization’s email environment and setting up the policies and access controls that work just right for your entire organization is no simple task. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for ways to make this experience better for you. Our revamp is meant to simplify an admin’s day-to-day operations by giving the console a fresh look and more streamlined interface.

Zoho Mail Admin Console

 What’s new in the Admin Console?

 A new signup flow

Signing up is one of the first and foremost processes you’d experience when you make the move to Zoho Mail. To make your switch seamless, we’ve streamlined the signup flow by bringing it all to one place, so you won’t have to switch between multiple screens as you configure your domain with Zoho Mail.

 Fast, simple, intuitive interface

The old interface worked just fine, so why change it?

As the needs of our customers have evolved, we upgraded our product accordingly. Instead of continuing to add to the existing, we’ve revamped the entire interface to simplify common operations and make them much faster than before.

 Central Dashboard

The dashboard is an entirely new addition, offering you an overall glimpse of all the important data related to your organization’s email use. Security details, user activity reports, email traffic, and useful shortcuts—you can view it all from the dashboard.

 Advanced search capabilities

The Admin Console is your answer to any user, group, or organization management functions. With its wide array of functionalities, finding just what you’re looking for in this ocean of options has never been easier. Simply search for users, groups, or domains to perform any actions.

Not sure where to find the specific feature that you’re looking for? Worry not! The Quick Access feature has you covered.

Extensive organization reports

Admins might have to view their org’s email statistics, group statistics, and more. We now have a dedicated Reports portal that helps you generate the report that you want in a matter of minutes. For example, if you need a report on a select group’s incoming email traffic for the last seven days, simply generate the report and export it in the file format of your choice. 

Other additions and enhancements

In addition to these changes, we’ve also added multiple new features and enhancements that our users have been requesting. These include:

 Custom Roles to add admins for specific roles, such as anti-spam admin and help-desk admin.

Welcome email and signature template to add an organization-wide welcome email and signature template.

Self moderators option to let users manage their quarantined emails by themselves. 

We’re excited to see what our users think of our new Admin Console revamp, and in addition to these features, we have a lot more cooking. Watch for more feature updates and enhancements here.

P.S.: We are rolling out early access of the new Admin Console to users in phases. Once we’ve given you access to the new interface, you’ll see the “Try new version” button in your Admin Console. Give it a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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