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Useful tips and tools for more productive remote meetings

Over the past few months, employees all over the globe have been forced to adapt to working remotely. This has given rise to a huge challenge: finding a suitable replacement for the interactions that we’d normally have in a workplace. Communication is far easier when you’re having a face-to-face conversation. However, there’s always the next best thing—online meetings.

Apart from their conventional uses, online meeting tools are being adapted for different purposes around the world. Teachers are using them to conduct online classes for their students, doctors are delivering care to their patients with telehealth visits, actors are performing plays for their digital audience, and organizational leaders are holding virtual townhalls to address their employees.

Don’t cancel interactions, just take them online

Whether you want to stay connected with your team’s progress with weekly update meetings, start a conversation with a prospect, or even hold a virtual event, you can do it all by simply connecting your online meeting tools with Zoho CRM.

In addition to Zoho Meeting, here’s a list of third-party online meeting tools that Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates with:

Add efficiency to every stage of your online meeting


  • Schedule online meetings right from Zoho CRM
  • Connect quickly with your leads and contacts through automatic invites and instant-meeting links
  • Receive automatic reminders leading up to the online meeting


  • Launch online meetings directly from Zoho CRM or even the reminders you receive
  • Track participant engagement with activity tracking and attendance data


  • Share meeting recordings with participants easily
  • Receive comprehensive post-meeting statistics that can help optimize your meeting effectiveness
  • Automatically update meeting information in the Events module

The benefits don’t end there! Zoho CRM also integrates with e-signature apps, chat systems, and other tools that can help you easily collaborate with both your team and clients when working remotely.

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