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Working on presentations together: Collaboration in Zoho Show

In today’s scenario, the term “Collaboration” needs no special introduction. However, when it comes to presentations, not all tools that are currently available in the market bring teams closer while creating presentations. 

But fortunately, not all…

One such stand out presentation software is Zoho Show.

It breaks free from traditional ways of creating presentations by providing an all-inclusive experience for teams to design compelling presentations and express idea, together.

Dynamic teams, Unified platform

Get your team on board in no time, start collaborating on slides in real-time and deliver better results every time. Create, edit, and design slides along with your team right away. Changes made by individuals are reflected instantly on the slides.

Bring in your entire team and experience Show’s seamless collaborative capabilities

Assign role-based permissions to team members based on their tasks and priority. Use Show’s advanced path animations, smart elements, infographics, charts and tables to get your ideas across effortlessly.

You can also import existing PowerPoint files and work on them without worrying about formatting issues. 

Communication: The Crux of Collaboration

Presentation collaboration cannot happen without communication.

With Show, unlock your team’s potential by exchanging ideas contextually in the comments section that is available right under the Review panel. and share valuable feedback.

Real-time collaboration, commenting and built-in smart-chat: Zoho Show has it all

By comments, we not only mean texts, but you can also add images and gifs to make your conversations more lively. Use @mention to address individuals in a thread or grab their attention and loop them in a task if necessary. 

Stress-free file management

Not all of us are well-organized every time. This is true, especially when it comes to file management scenarios.

With Show, all your presentations are automatically organized and stored on the cloud. A personal workspace is created and you no longer have to go searching for a presentation as all the files are readily available at your disposal.

Show’s Dashboard helps you manage all your presentation in one place, like a breeze 

Secured sharing

Share your presentation internally within your teams or externally with a prospect or a business associate. A stable URL is created for all your presentations and you can choose to publish slides online or across social media.


Share your slides via e-mail, publish them on sites, blogs, social media or broadcast them to remote audiences, effortlessly

Embed presentations on websites or blog and attract more views. With “Slide Lock” feature you can lock your slides, to restrict collaborators from making further changes.

This helps you share presentations without worrying about uncorrelated edits. All the files are encrypted and you can share them without compromising on security.


Hope this blog was helpful to you and before concluding keep in mind if you want to collaborate effectively as a remote team, it’s more than just the processes – it’s actually the tool that makes the difference.

If you aren’t using Show yet, you can create your Zoho account for free and get started instantly.

Happy presenting… 


Get the complete remote working tool kit with Zoho Remotely: you can now use Zoho Show alongside the suite of products that’ll power you and your team to maintain a close-knit and productive working environment. Zoho is offering Remotely for free to help organizations who choose to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.




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