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Zoho Analytics named a top-rated app on HubSpot Marketplace

In January 2018, Zoho Analytics partnered with HubSpot CRM to provide businesses with powerful sales analytics.

The HubSpot CRM + Zoho Analytics integration enables businesses to analyze their sales, leads, and pipeline data. This integration comes packed with 100+ reports and dashboards that help sales teams understand their current performance, identify inefficiencies and opportunities, forecast and achieve sales targets.

Zoho Analytics + Hubspot

2 years and a whole lot of happy customers later, we’re excited to announce that our Advanced Analytics connector for HubSpot CRM has been recognized as one of the Top 30 apps in HubSpot Marketplace!

From being one of the fastest-growing HubSpot integrations in 2018 to becoming one of the top-rated integrations today, we’re beyond thrilled to share this milestone with all of you. This comes to us as a testimony to the relentless effort we’ve put in, and has given us confidence that we’re moving in the right direction.

Here are some of the key features of this integration:

  • Fetch and auto-sync HubSpot CRM data

  • 100+ prebuilt KPI visualizations

  • Auto-blend HubSpot data with other business apps for cross-functional analytics

  • Create custom sales reports, forecast future trends, and build powerful dashboards

  • Use Ask Zia to ask questions and get sales insights

  • Share, comment, and collaborate with your sales team

  • Configure contextual data alerts to get instantly notified about your key sales metrics

This integration also comes with five powerful dashboards on Overall Sales, Leads, Closed Revenue, Expected Revenue, Pipeline History, and Salesperson Performance. These dashboards give you a quick bird’s-eye view of all your metrics, like leads generated, the conversion funnel, lead sources, and YOY comparisons, along with forecasts.

With every new sale or incoming lead, the data gets automatically updated in Zoho Analytics, providing you with key insights on a daily basis. You can also blend your finance or marketing data from other apps to get end-to-end business insights under one roof.

And this is only a glimpse of what Zoho Analytics can do! The integration is easy to set up and even easier to automate.

Sign up and start visualizing your data today!

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