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Zoho Expense integrates with Amazon Business: Manage your business purchases effortlessly!

Amazon Business is a purchasing solution that provides business owners with access to a vast network of suppliers, an easy ordering experience, and savings designed for business purchases. However, reporting these business purchase expenses on Zoho Expense was a manual process.

So, if you are a business owner who is:

  • Wondering how to keep track of your Amazon Business purchases or
  • Looking for an easy way to convert your business purchases into business expenses or
  • Trying to cut down your lengthy expense reporting process — Zoho Expense’s integration with Amazon Business is for you.

Zoho Expense and Amazon Business Integration

With this integration, Zoho Expense fetches the invoice details of all the purchases you’ve made through your Amazon Business account and creates expenses automatically.

This helps you manage all your business purchases in one place, and save your employees the trouble of recording expenses manually. Here are some of the ways this integration will benefit your business:

Convert business purchases into expenses without breaking a sweat

When you make business purchases through Amazon Business, reporting these expenses manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. With this integration, this process is completely automated. Every time one of your employees purchases on your Amazon Business account with their corporate card, an expense will be automatically created for that employee in Zoho Expense.

Also, if you have enabled Report Automation for your Zoho Expense organization, an expense report will be created consolidating all the Amazon Business purchase expenses for each employee and will be submitted for approval. Thus, the process will be automated end-to-end and the employees need not worry about manual intervention at any step of the way.

Get insights on your business purchases

Keeping a close eye on your business purchases is an essential part of controlling your spending. Spending patterns help you monitor your business performance and arrive at important financial decisions.

By integrating with Zoho Expense, you will get a bird’s-eye view of all the purchases made in your Amazon Business account. The number of purchases made, the total amount spent, and the expense trends are graphically depicted on the dashboard. Getting a precise picture of your business purchases made via Amazon is now quick and simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the Amazon Business integration right away and manage your Amazon Business purchases efficiently.


  • This integration works only with your Amazon Business account and not your personal Amazon account or Seller account. Don’t have an Amazon Business account? Create a free Amazon Business account.
  • The purchase transactions will be fetched into Zoho Expense once the order is shipped on Amazon Business.

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