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Zoho Flow celebrates 500+ apps in 1,000 days

Zoho Flow celebrates 500+ apps in 1000 days

It’s been only 1,000 days since Zoho Flow was launched, and we’ve built over 500 apps and 1,000 prebuilt flows already!

In other words, we’ve managed to bring you at least 1 new app and 2 prebuilt workflows every two days, since launch.

Zoho Flow GalleryThanks to regular input from our partners and users, we’ve had no problem choosing the right apps. In fact, some of the most used third-party apps on Flow, like Outreach, QuickBooks, and RingCentral, were brought to our notice through your suggestions. Our collection, which spans over 65 categories, enables businesses to freely choose the apps that work best for them, without worrying about interoperability.

 And at the same time, Flow has made major strides in the Zoho ecosystem. By 2019, a mere year after launch, 1 in every 3 Zoho One users was using Flow, and over 10,000 flows were built exclusively among Zoho apps. Some users have integrated as many as 6 Zoho apps in a single flow!

 The depth and variety that the Zoho suite offers magnified the need for a platform like Flow. So much so that, for some business, Flow turned out to be a dealmaker. This got us digging deeper into Zoho APIs, to make tighter, more tailored integrations possible.

Now there are over 400 business tasks you can readily automate with your Zoho apps, just using Flow.

 To sum things up, Flow has helped its users bring the Zoho suite closer, bridge the suite with the rest of the cloud, and even build their own ecosystem of apps outside of Zoho. And we plan to continue to deliver value in all three areas going forward!

 Head to the Flow Gallery to find out if our latest apps (we added 20 just last month!) offer any interesting new opportunities for automation at your business.

And don’t forget, as you set up more integrations with all these new apps, you’re going to need easier ways to maintain them. After all, time saved with automation shouldn’t be time spent on maintenance! 

That’s where our latest product update comes in handy.

3 new troubleshooting features to help you manage your flows efficiently:

 Visit earlier versions with ease

Some recent edits to your flow causing trouble? You can now review its earlier versions in detail to trace and identify errors easily. Learn more. 

Zoho Flow versions

 Rerun failed tasks, anytime

If a task fails because of configuration errors, this feature lets you take control, set things right, and then re-execute the task at any time. Find out how.

Get around glitches with auto-rerun

When a task fails due to server or API glitches, Flow can automatically make up to 8 attempts to re-execute the task for you. Learn more.

Zoho Flow auto-rerun failed tasks

With so many new possibilities for integrations and easier ways to manage them, we hope we can help you be more productive than ever!

We also wanted to let you know that we’re gearing up for our next steps. So if we’ve missed any app that’s important to your business, now’s a good time to let us know!

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