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Zoho launches BackToWork to future-proof your workplace

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, organizations are looking to reopen their workplaces and prepare for returning employees. But with no long-term solution to the coronavirus in sight, businesses across the globe are struggling.

 To get back on track, organizations will be forced to spend a lot of time and effort on ensuring compliance and safety, instead of on their core business strengths. True to our vision at Zoho, we’ve created a comprehensive application to help businesses make this transition. Zoho BackToWork enables organizations to return to the workplace safely and securely.

 What should organizations ensure before getting back to office?

For many organizations, getting back to normal operations means going back to a physical office or site—whether with all employees or a small percentage of their workforce. However, doing this without a system in place to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and other stakeholders can turn into a disaster. There are four important aspects to successfully going back to the office:

  • ‌Ensuring employee safety

  • Publishing compliance guidelines

  • Effectively communicating

  • Managing assets and facilities

Major challenges to reopening 

  • Employee safety: To ensure regular self assessments, contact tracing, touchless entry, and availability of necessary equipment and safety gear

  • Compliance: Adhering to government guidelines and drafting company policies accordingly

  • Responsiveness: A detailed plan of action, to respond to new cases if/when they occur—like sanitizing floors and quarantining employees who came in contact with infected individuals

A framework for safe operations

 Digital transformation is needed to ensure safe, sustained business operations. BackToWork comes with six prebuilt modules that cover all aspects of concern an organization will have when returning to the workplace:

BackToWork is a ready-to-use app that focuses on workforce readiness:

  • Admin control center module – Welcome your staff back to a safer office space. This dashboard empowers top-level management to assess the preparedness of facilities better, and view individual employee health statuses.

  • Wellness module – Provide industry-approved surveys. This dashboard lets you circulate and collect self-assessment and contact-tracing forms, and oversee organization-wide health information.

  • Safe entry module – Determine which employees are ready to work from the office. With this module, perform employee self-assessments, segregate high-risk groups, and evaluate entry requests from employees and visitors.

  • Employee self-service module – On this dashboard, you can manage asset requests, ranging from office supplies to sanitizer to office space maintenance.

  • Communications module – Correspond with staff over the phone and the web, and share guidelines, best practices, frameworks, and announcements in a coordinated manner.

  • Volunteer module – Give back to the community. This module allows organizations to recruit employees, and organize and execute volunteer drives.

Ease of use is a core element of BackToWork

Organizations can deploy with a one-step onboarding process after signing up. Post-deployment, the admin can add employees by importing or uploading from an existing employee list, or by pulling data via easy integrations with Zoho People, Active Directory, Zoho Directory, and BambooHR.

After completion, employees can access the application on the web, and from iPhone and Android devices. The application is practical and feature-rich, to tackle the situation at hand. To ensure a seamless transition, BackToWork allows you to:

  • Dynamically control the number of employees and visitors that a building can accommodate

  • Decide how frequently self-assessment needs to be done, regardless of whether employees are visiting the workplace or not

  • Mandate employees to fill in self-assessments every day they visit the office

  • Restrict the number of employees who commute to the office via public transportation and/or carpooling, or who have a recent travel history

  • Customize the cool-off period for an employee who’s recently recovered from COVID-19

  • Control the approval process for asset and maintenance requests

 Overall, there’s little to no learning curve, and we provide detailed step-by-step documentation from both the employer and employee perspective to make adoption seamless.

 Furthermore, Zoho BackToWork is available in multiple languages. The app is scalable and modular, so it can be customized based on business needs, as the underlying low-code platform, Zoho Creator, supports app localization in 62 languages, custom workflows, AI, third-party integrations, portals, and much more.

 Pricing and availability

As part of Zoho’s ongoing effort to support businesses during these uncertain times, BackToWork will be offered free of charge until the end of 2020. After that period, it will cost $2 USD/user/month for all regions.

 The journey so far has been no small feat, and returning to work won’t be, either. It’s time to future-proof your workplace. To learn more, reach out to us at [email protected].

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