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Zoho Show for iOS: Create and present impactful presentations with your Apple device

Mobile devices have become an important and irreplaceable part of many of our lives. With daily usage only increasing with each year, iOS users are looking for more functionality and productivity. To meet this need, we are launching the Show app for iOS. You can now easily create, present, edit, and share presentations from any Apple device.

Sign up later

In this fast-moving world, many people need to get started right away and don’t have time to create an account and go through the on-boarding process.

With Show for iOS, you can start creating presentations right away without needing to create a Zoho account. You can sign up later if you wish to sync your progress to the cloud.

Stunning templates to captivate audiences

Maintaining consistency across all the slides while starting from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, design templates help simplify the process.

Show iOS app offers more than 25 presentation templates for you to choose from. Pick one based on the topic of your presentation, make slight modifications, and have professional slides ready to go quickly.

Don’t keep your ideas waiting

You never know when a good idea might pop up. Sometimes, an inspiration can strike when you don’t have access to your laptop or even pen and paper, meaning you run the risk of forgetting these ideas. 

With the Show app on your iPhone and iPad, you have an application just as powerful as its desktop counterpart. With an app that is constantly improving, you are only a click away in bringing your ideas to shape.

Fine-tune or fully reimagine slides

A good first impression can change the way your presentation is received.

Show’s numerous design and formatting options—available in the mobile app as well as the desktop version—help improve the visual impact of your slides. Emphasize key sections of your presentation using the iOS app’s wide range of animation and transition options.

Unhindered collaboration

Working on presentations with team members who are always on the move can result in a lack of coordination. With the new iOS app, you and your team members can use your Apple devices for collaborating on the go as much as you use them for your other daily operations. Share presentations with peers and set the access level for each of them.

Easy on your eyes 

Staying productive late at night can be challenging for many reasons. The brightness of your device’s default light mode can both make it harder to focus on your screen and strain your eyes. Our dark mode compatibility helps you efficiently design presentations, regardless of the time of the day.

Bigger and better with Apple TV

Ace your next business presentation by giving your ideas a bigger platform. Easily connect to your Apple TV to present your ideas to an audience. You can control slides using the Apple TV remote, or even use your Apple Watch or iPhone as a remote to navigate through slides.

With this introduction of the contextual, efficient Zoho Show app for your iOS device, you can now create professional presentations directly from your mobile device.

Download the app today.

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