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Quickly and easily secure remote workers with YubiKeys through YubiEnterprise Delivery

In the current situation of social distancing, record percentages of employees working from home have added complexities to securing the workforce. In fact, many of our customers have expressed that the actual distribution of YubiKeys to remote, individual employees is a real challenge. To help fix this issue, we are excited to release our second YubiEnterprise Services offering today: YubiEnterprise Delivery. 

With YubiEnterprise Delivery, US and Canada-based organizations can ship YubiKeys directly to employees, partners, and contractors in more than 30 countries across the US, Canada, and Europe. Delivery requests can be entered online via the YubiEnterprise console individually, in bulk through a CSV file upload, or programmatically through an API. Leveraging the API option enables IT administrators to fully automate the distribution of keys as part of the user onboarding and allows for integration with in-house service catalogs like ServiceNow. 

While Yubico takes care of the shipping logistics and simplifies YubiKey distribution, enterprises can focus on what matters – securing the workforce. Whether your organization has experienced an uptick in remote workers, has scarce IT resources, or has hiring surges throughout the year, YubiEnterprise Delivery makes it easy to quickly distribute YubiKeys to employees no matter their location.

For Remote Workers

IT administrators can experience cost-effective, turnkey shipping and tracking capabilities, with YubiKey delivery directly to employees’ doorsteps.

For Limited IT Teams 

Typically, IT teams are stretched thin managing the many business-critical applications that keep an organization running. By simplifying delivery, distribution, and management of inventory, organizations can operate efficiently without hindering security or productivity. 

For Seasonal Hiring 

Managing security logistics and inventory has its challenges when hiring activities increase during specific times of the year. With the combination of YubiEnterprise Subscription and Delivery, Yubico customers have the flexibility to accommodate hiring surges and focus on the busy season ahead. 

With YubiEnterprise Subscription, organizations can seamlessly add users midterm to existing subscriptions. Benefits also include the ability to replace or upgrade 25% of your user subscription with new YubiKeys, which can be leveraged to accommodate employee churn, lost keys, or support an influx of seasonal workers. With these options, added users can quickly receive YubiKeys via YubiEnterprise Delivery. 

If you’re looking for an easy, flexible solution to improve your organization’s security landscape, let YubiEnterprise Services own the logistical difficulties. Work with your Yubico sales representative to set up your YubiEnterprise Delivery console with your YubiKey order today. 

For a limited time only, any qualifying Yubico customer that purchases a 3-year YubiEnterprise Subscription with prepayment before June 26, 2020 will be eligible for free YubiEnterprise Delivery shipments within the US and Canada until September 30, 2020.

For terms and conditions, as well as YubiEnterprise Delivery pricing details please visit our YubiEnterprise Services page

To learn more about the business advantages of YubiEnterprise Services, view the on-demand webinar, YubiEnterprise Services: Hardware Authenticators as a Service

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