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Top Yubico Partners to Modernize your Workplace Login

The workplace is evolving and expanding well beyond the four walls of a corporate office, and with this expansion comes new questions about how to secure employee login. In 2019, fifty-one percent (51%) of IT professionals said their organization experienced a phishing attack, making it dire for organizations to identify solutions that employees can use to access critical workplace systems and data while staying safe from rising attacks.

As your organization is on the path to modernizing workplace login, security at the individual user level is more critical than ever. Secure login is fundamental to preventing unauthorized access, and when done really well, results in: 

Through our extensive partner network, Yubico offers organizations a broad range of choices in the way users can securely log into their workstations and computers. Whether aiming for a cloud-first or hybrid environment, strong authentication can be implemented to protect access everywhere, all based on the systems users need to access.

Last month, we shared 5 ways the YubiKey can protect your remote workforce from phishing and other attacks. This month, we are featuring five of our partners to share tips on how our joint technologies can enable your organization to modernize the login experience to desktops and laptops as well as cloud-based apps and services. 


“Strong authentication is fundamental to modernizing the workplace. YubiKeys provide seamless multi-factor authentication (MFA), while systems like MyID give IT teams the control they need to issue and manage YubiKeys simply and at scale.” – Allen Storey, Chief Product Officer, Intercede


“The best experience you can give your users is one that doesn’t require them to learn new ways or new habits. Rather than distributing new usernames and passwords, you can leverage the credentials they already use to sign in to their devices.”- Sue Bohn, Director of Program Management, Microsoft 


“MFA doesn’t have to be difficult. OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform enables users to leverage WebAuthn with hardware-backed YubiKey MFA for access to enterprise apps and services. With our integration, companies can reduce MFA friction with OneLogin SmartFactor, and increase their overall security posture.” – Brandon Simons, Director of Product Management, OneLogin


“By partnering with Yubico, we’re making it easy to deploy the YubiKey as a smart card using our onboarding software plus PKI Services to secure app authentication, VPN, desktop logon, and more.” – Tom Rixom, CTO,  SecureW2

Bottom line: Organizations undergoing digital transformation require modern, secure, and flexible authentication approaches to protect critical data. Whether you’re considering MFA by adding another layer of protection on top of a username and password, or potentially replacing passwords altogether, the multi-protocol YubiKey is equipped to handle it all. 

Join our upcoming partner roundtable discussions to hear expert insights and best practices on modernizing workplace login. Use the links below to sign up now! 


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